why us

We have sat in your chair. We have experienced your day-to-day issues and challenges. We have identified the solutions multiple times for different environments. We have vetted through what works and what does not work. We didn’t learn this from a textbook, a classroom or hearing it from someone. We lived it…

When you live it, you can interpret it, solution it and support it so much more differently than those that just learn it. You can organize the approach and solutions with a perspective of the user so they understand it at their level of the organization. It is not a cookie cutter solution. It is a solution that can be diversified that everyone benefits from it.


• Multiple Years of SAP Business and Consulting Experience Direct

• Organized approach that end users can understand

• Superior references in the SAP industry.

Your experience with us will be unique, successful and completely satisfying. Send us a quick note in the Contact Us section so we can setup a consultation to discuss how we can help you and your users with the challenges you are facing today.

our process


We pride ourselves on our process. We have yet to see it repeated and it has been working for years. Here’s the deal. No client is the same and no client stands in the life cycle of their business applications as another. Therefore, it is impossible to have a solution that is a one size fits all solution. We position all of our relationships to first understand where you are in the life cycle. From here, we establish your goals for the organization as it relates to your business application. We then build a road map that takes your from where you are to where you want to be. This very simplistic but unique process has worked for us over and over again. We will continue to use this approach until we prove that something else will work better for you, but so far so good!

Reach out to us on the Contact Us page to discuss how we can help you discover where you are, where you want to be and let us recommend for you how to get there.

client reviews


Your business and technical expertise on the SAP supply chain processes (MM, PP, WM) enabled us to transform the organization so that we could fully utilize the services of our logistics operations. Your depth of knowledge, dedication, and task execution provided a catalyst for automating scheduling and warehouse operations.

-Greg Kalkhoff, IT Manager at ThyssenKrupp Bilstein

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stephanie on 4 projects in the last 3 years. She is incredibly knowledgeable both in business practices as they relate to supply chain and as they translate into SAP requirements. Stephanie confidently leads as a project manager, deftly advises clients, and shows camaraderie with teammates. She has been an invaluable mentor to me as I have established my consulting career.

-Heather J, SAP Consultant at itelligence

I have worked with SL Smith and associates many times and always have great results. She has experience with many different business models and brings those experiences to the table to help find the best SAP solution based on best practice. She is thorough in her documentation and adheres to the project time line…if one applies. I would recommend her services.

-Connie Wissel, SAP Analyst at ThyssenKrupp Bilstein

Stephanie has great knowledge in MM/PP and also other SAP functional areas. She has great ability to understand and learn all of the intricacies of the user application and needs in order to design an appropriate solution. I have worked with her as a technical consultant and always appreciated her specifications which were very thorough and well thought through. She is a quick learner with a great work ethic. She is an asset to any of the companies with whom she works.

-Sangeeta, SAP Programmer at itelligence

Stephanie was a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable in SAP and was able to help us get through the transition of moving to a new MRP system. She would identify the problem and make a step by step plan about how to fix the issue. I don’t know how we would have gotten through this MRP change without her help.

-Misty Wilcox, Buyer at Dana Corporation

Stephanie provided exceptional service to our Team. She is an unbelievable people person that has a great presentation ability to help you and make your feel confident in your work. She has left us with every opportunity to be successful.

-Angie Franz, Sr. Global Business Process Owner at Dana Corporation

Working with Stephanie was always a pleasure. She was always helpful in getting your problems resolved. You always felt that you could go to her with anything and she made you feel important!

-Marty Arehart, Project Change Coordinator and Super User at Dana Corporation

I just want to say Thank you for providing excellent services. l could not be more pleased with Stephanie Smith performance. I have worked with many other companies in the past; however, the level of expertise, commitment and professionalism that Stephanie provided is unmatched.

-Emy Diaz, Direct Ship Buyer at Dana Corporation

Stephanie is a valuable asset to have as part of your SAP implementation team.  Her wide breadth of knowledge in both MM and PP modules enable her to be a one stop resource for Materials, Inventory and Production Planning discussions.  No need to rely on several consultants.

-Jen Bihn, Sr. IT Analyst at Dana Corporation

As her Project Manager, Stephanie has been working with me as Senior Consultant at DANA Corporation since end of 2014. During that time, Stephanie has proved to be extremely reliable and knowledgeable, as well on the SAP Functionality side as from the Business Process perspective. She was always able to manage the Customer, developing the necessary empathy to make him trust on what we were doing. Even in critical situations, like our Go Live in a JIT Manufacturing Environment. Stephanie is a great Team Player, always available to support her colleagues and to lead the group. I strongly recommend Stephanie and I’m happy to have the opportunity to work with her.

-Juan Luther, Project Manager at itelligence


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