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Our client list may seem small, but our relationships with each of these organizations has last many years and we continue to have active relationships with each of them. These clients have been our foundation where they have not only learned from us, but we from them. Our partnerships have fostered successful business solutions that have led to exceptional reviews from each of them at different times throughout.


Midwest Sports Supply

Project Details

Midwest Sports Supply, Warehouse Business Process Redesign

Skill set: Blueprinting, Business Process Re-engineering, Data Mapping + Conversions, Testing, Training, Go-live Support

This project took an existing warehouse and re-designed the software to support a multiple-bin structure.  To support the software structure, a business blueprint was carried out to redesign all processes that related to the warehouse.  Testing + Training validated the new design and deployed it to the organization.

Dana Corporation

Project Details

Dana Corporation, 3 Full site implementation

Skill set: SAP PP, SAP IM, Consulting, Data Mapping + Conversion, Testing, Training and Go-live support

These projects were several sites that went through a full life cycle SAP implementation where we are providing guidance, configuration, and testing support for the inventory management and production planning modules within the SAP application package. Activities have included blueprinting the business requirements, documenting and executing configuration, unit testing configuration, delivering solution presentation, documenting and testing development solutions while also providing knowledge transfer for the application.

ThyssenKrupp Bilstein

Project Details

ThyssenKrupp Bilstein, Post Implementation Support

Skill set: SAP Support, Consulting, Testing, Troubleshooting,SAP PP, SAP MM, SAP WM, and Training

This opportunity was not a project but an on-going relationship that allowed this organization the flexibility to call when they needed us. Utilizing a ticketing system to communicating their needs, we worked remotely to understand their request/issue and identify a solution. We communicated via phone, e-mail and sometimes on-site depending on the issue to implement the solution. Ticket requests ranged from break fix issue, informational inquiries, reporting requests, to implementation of new pieces of the SAP software.

ThyssenKrupp Bilstein

Project Details

ThyssenKrupp Bilstein, External Warehouse Implementation

Skill set: SAP MM, SAP WM, Consulting, Testing, Implementation, Design and Blueprinting, Data Mapping + Conversion and Training

This project focused on opening a new external warehouse and incorporating them into their existing SAP infrastructure. It was a build from a clean concrete floor to fully functional warehouse receiving and shipping 24 hours per day. Utilized SAP warehouse management and inventory management functionality to support it. This project encompassed blueprinting, configuration, development, training and post-implementation support. We also provided the provided project management support on this project.

ZF Lenksysteme

Project Details

ZF Lenksysteme, Business Process Improvement Project

Skill set: SAP Consulting, Business Process Design + Re-engineering, Six Sigma and Training

This project focused on analyzing the organization’s business processes that touched inventory and warehouse management. The charge was to make recommendations to business processes, systematic configuration or design, and reporting to help improve the company’s overall inventory accuracy. Six Sigma methodology was used with each competency to ensure a closed-loop recommended solution.

Deufol Sunman

Project Details

Deufol Sunman, Company Code Split Project

Skill set: SAP Consulting, Project Management, Testing, and Leadership

This project we supported from two aspects; project management and MM/PP SAP consulting support. Within this project, the client split part of their organization’s current business from the main operating company code within the SAP application system. This project took all data and business process from the existing company code and created a new company code and plant infrastructure.


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